Four Elements Organization was founded to aid, support, and build opportunities for the minority community to be successful. 

Statistics have shown that the 13% of African Americans (40 million in 2016) in the United States own less than 2% of small businesses with employees while other ethnicities (White Americans) that own 82% of small businesses. In facing the truth, we understand that everyone does not have the same right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, let alone the chance to be successful in the world. Many face poverty, hunger, safety concerns, lack of proper healthcare, lack of education, community & business neglect and our organization would like to change that for the better.

In creating our organization and focusing on our mission, we found that there are four main aiding solutions to offer to each community but recognizes that there may be additional sub-opportunities within each chapter that would allow more aid in the future,  based on the needs of the community which are: 


Our efforts and involvement will give all minority communities the opportunity for success in avenues. We know it’s hard to survive, especially during the pandemic, so we're helping to ensure that families have enough food to provide for their families, ensuring children and adults are receiving the proper education, healthcare, and career opportunities. We are putting you in a place to empower and startup your own dreams and visions by utilizing our business resources. We want to make sure you’re taken care of from a mental and physical health perspective. Your problems are our problems and we’re here to fix the issues of our community to ensure its success and prosperity in this new world. 



Lamar Johnson

Founder & CEO


La'Mesha Johnson

Treasurer & Executive Director


La'Tisha Johnson

Secretary & Executive Director


Earl Cobbins Jr

Executive Director


Gerralynn Harmon

Executive Director

Disclaimer: Four Elements Organization is permitted to use the donated funds at their discretion under the objectives to provide a better life and opportunity for the people of this world, their next generations to come, and all life surrounding us. ​The Corporation is a nonprofit corporation organized for exclusively charitable, scientific, religious, and educational purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the IRC of 1986, as amended.