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Help Save The Planet Campaign

Updated: Mar 16

Around the world, more than 820 million people go hungry each year, with a fourth of that being children. Families and communities are facing homelessness, poverty, and health concerns at an alarming rate, finding it hard to survive in this world.

Our veterans are left homeless, on the street, without any aid from the communities they fought for. We here at Four Elements Organization want to help on a local & global level.

We've created 6 programs that will help feed the hungry, provide community outreach programs, kids outreach programs, education assistance, healthcare assistance, and family outreach programs.

We are changing the world for the better.

You can help by joining our mission, spreading the word, and following us on our social media. Volunteer with us in your area and donate to the cause.

By donating $10, you can help give a family one more fighting chance to live again.

Will you join & help us? Give now Donation Link

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