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Youth Outreach Programs

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Four Elements will provide educational & career exploration and development opportunities for all students. These programs will guide students in finding their special talents and finding a career that fits their needs. We will also work with companies to provide internships and job shadows to those students. These programs will allow students to be involved in their career path and allow them to experience the roles they wish to have before pursuing.

This program will also put students on the right track to reach those goals from an educational, motivational, and skill perspective. We plan to collaborate with companies to create plans for employment upon completion of the internship programs or skill training for the student.

We will create two separate but similar programs for the youth called Boys to Kings & Girls to Queens that will offer scholarships, dress clothing (suits/dresses), advice/motivation to young men and women that come from areas of low-income to give them an opportunity for success in the world.

We will create sports/activities that will teach them the fundamentals of this world. Not only providing recreational activities but after-school programs and camps that care and educate the youth as well as providing child care food programs for children that come from extremely low-income communities.

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