Where do we start? Ahh...the Beginning... The very first human was created from two organisms that we know today as a sperm cell and an egg cell. When combined and given the correct nutrients, it develops into a beautiful human being. Just as in nature, the right environment dictates the survival rate of the ecosystem. In the same respect, the environment in which we grow up determines our likelihood for success and survival. Studies have found that "more than 700 million people...still live in extreme poverty today, struggling to fulfill the most basic needs like health, education, and access to water and sanitation, to name a few." These communities have been impacted by neglect, disasters, war, and poverty - our assistance in this chapter is never-ending until we see positive outcomes for every community faced with these issues. 

Our Science & Life chapter will encompass the research and development into the science realm, sustaining, protecting, and securing the existence of all walks of life, providing shelter and opportunities to those needing our assistance, and being a support and resource center for families in need. 

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New and existing minority entrepreneurs are also our focus within our science & life chapter. Statistics have shown that only 9.5 percent make up the businesses owned by Black business owners while that number is smaller (7%) in the Latino business owner group. Combined both communities have a buying power of almost $3 trillion dollars (~1.5 each community). As much power seen in each community, not enough resources are being provided to allow advancement. Our organization is here to give you the space to create your own business and to provide the resources for you to be successful in your new or existing business. 





To have a community of entrepreneurs, scientists, farmers, business people, educators, medical professionals, and families localized for the collective advancement of the community.

To unite and grow the minority community is our top priority as it's the strongest foundation to providing a better life and opportunity to the people of this world. You can help with our efforts by donating to create a sustainable community.

Photos provided depict a representation of our vision in building a sustainable community. As we continue to grow, you'll be first to see the community layout.